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Panzhihua Steel has successfully developed a new type of wear-resistant titanium alloy steel to fill the technical gap in domestic production of high titanium steel

On June 14, the reporter learned from Panzhihua Steel Group that in order to play the characteristics of titanium in steel with high strength, high toughness, corrosion and wear resistance, and expand and extend the high-value applications at the back end, Panzhihua Steel successfully developed a new type of titanium alloy wear-resistant steel in collaboration with Beijing Steel Research Institute, Chongqing University, Northeast University and other scientific research institutions, opening up a new scenario for titanium resource application. At the same time, the formation of "resource - product - industry" integration of the complete industrial chain, the formation of titanium alloy wear-resistant steel green low-cost preparation technology, to fill the domestic use of "continuous casting - hot continuous rolling" technology to produce high titanium steel blank.

It is understood that the project team has gradually broken through a number of key technical problems plaguing the continuous casting production of high titanium steel through the research and development mode of basic theoretical research in the laboratory, industrial test preparation, and industrial scale application, and developed a "continuous casting - hot continuous rolling" preparation process of titanium wear-resistant steel. Compared with the traditional process, the titanium alloy wear-resistant steel produced by this process has the advantages of high production efficiency, high yield, low production cost and wide range of products. "The production process is simple, both wear resistance and toughness, and has broad application prospects." Panzhihua Steel Research Institute senior engineer Xiong Xuegang said.

Xiong Xuegang introduced that in the production process of wear-resistant steel, Pangang creatively uses titanium carbide particles to enhance wear resistance and improve strength and toughness, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.

It is worth mentioning that the technology studied by the project can also be promoted and applied in the production of various types of high titanium steel, providing an important process and technology platform for enterprises to further build and develop high performance and low cost titanium containing high-tech material products and achieve low cost, high efficiency and large-scale preparation and application. It also provides a strong technical support for promoting the deep extension and sustainable development of Panxi's vanadium and titanium industry chain with high value, and improving the overall level of China's high titanium steel production and the self-sufficiency rate of high-end products.